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Olympic Athlete/Holistic Therapist


Michael Joubert has had a life long passion regarding food and health. Michael was a full time professional athlete who competed at the Olympics and the World Championships of athletics in the 400m and the 4x400m. He also pursued coaching and mentoring elite athletes, from world and olympic champions to olympic athletes, national and state champions as well as elite footballers.


Michael’s passion for health and performance and for the knowledge on all things natural for achieving optimum results led him to test and research every available and cutting edge natural performance supplement. He came to realize that whilst some supplements had a positive effect on performance, most had a negative effect on health.

During one of numerous major surgeries to fix a long standing lower leg problem, Michael contracted a golden staph infection and gangrene. He was intravenously fed so many antibiotics that he almost died, Michael’s immune system was severely compromised.


Retiring from competition due to a spate of severe injuries, Michael spent a number of years travelling around the world. He was unfortunate enough in his travels, to contract cholera, yellow fever and malaria as well as a nasty parasite in Africa called bilhazia, that attacks the liver.

Upon returning home he embarked upon a mission to restore his health and to help others to do the same. He attended one of Australia’s leading health science colleges, The College of Complementary Medicine.


Michael has been working with clients in his own clinic for 10 years. He specializes in nutrition, digestive disorders and detox protocols. He has helped many people get their health and their lives back on track through teaching them fundamental nutritional habits and how to detox their bodies and their minds.

Being a holistic practitioner Michael also teaches clients how to overcome stress, anxiety and depression naturally, through the use of whole food and organic superfood supplements, as well as teaching people how to control their minds and achieve their goals.

Through many years of researching nutrition and toxicity, Michael, along with an ever growing list of doctors, scientists and researchers have come to realize that the illnesses that besiege humanity today, are directly caused by the food we eat, the pharmaceutical drugs we ingest, the poisons we lather on our bodies and the toxicity in our environment.


He has made it his mission to educate people about the dangers of the typical western diet, of pharmaceutical drugs, as well as the dangers about many of the health supplements that people use to try and avoid sickness and disease. This is how Super Organic Supplements came about. 


Health Coaching 

Are you overwhelmed and confused by the massive amount of disinformation about health and nutrition? If so you're not alone.

We are bomarded daily with "health this" and "health that," "this is good for you, that is bad for you" by the media, celebrities, doctors, scientists and corporations who are all pushing their own agendas which amounts to nothing but confusion.

None of what is coming out  from these sectors has your ultimate health as their primary goal. If so, how could they make any money from you?

If you would like to learn the fundamental principles and time honoured traditions for ultimate health and wellbeing as well as groundbreaking new discoveries then Health & Nutrition Coaching with Olympian Michael Joubert is just for you.

Athletes and sportspeople have coaches to help them perform to their best and business people have coaches to help them succeed. So why not have a Health & Nutrition Coach to help you take control of the most important thing you have - Your Health!

Don't leave you health to chance so you can wind up a number on the pharmacuetical sponsored medical merry-go-round. Learn how to achieve your optimal health and weight goals in todays hectic world and at the same time drastically reduce your risk of creating the dreaded internal diseases affecting almost everyone.


What You Get...

The point of the one on one coaching is no different to any other coaching, whether it be for athletes, business people or life coaching. It is to have someone knowledgable guide and instruct you on how to do and learn things that you haven't learnt or don't know. It is also about having someone that you are answerable to, to help keep you motivated and inspire you to achieve your goals.

One of the main things I do is to teach people the fundamental principles of health and wellbeing that we are not taught at any stage of our lives. Having this knowledge enables you to make informed decisions regarding your health, that will empower you to have control over your health and wellbeing. 

Most of what I teach, you will not have heard before from the media. What I teach will blow the lid off the misinformation most people are subjected to via the media and general gossip.

I am highly passionate about health and fitness and in particular teaching people how to be healthy in todays toxic world.

I understand that each individual is different and that what works for one person is not suitable for another. With this in mind each individual I work with is treated as just that, an individual with different circumstances and a different set of goals and way of doing things.

I do not tell people that they should eat a particular diet or pursue a particular lifestyle. I give people information to guide them in making the diet and lifestyle changes that are right for them and do so in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand and integrate. 

When push come to shove, being healthy is not rocket science. It’s more about having the knowledge to help see through the lies and confusion that our society and our food industry has created.


Below is an outline of what each session entails. Sessions are one and a half hours in length and are weekly on a pre arranged day and time.

1st Session: I meet clients at their homes where they feel comfortable and in control of  the space. This first session is about getting an overall picture of what it is we are trying to achieve. We discuss what your health and wellness goals are, any issues you have that are inhibiting your current health, and discuss a plan of action that will fit into your busy lifestyle. This session will also include some kinesiological testing to ascertain what is happening for you within your body.

In this session I will also begin to teach you the 7 Key Principles to a healthy life.

2nd Session: This is a trip to a regular supermarket and then a healthy supermarket, where I will teach you the key things you need to know about your food choices. What you should be eating, what you should be eating more of, foods to avoid and foods you should never eat. I will teach you how to read food labels and how to give you a guide to what is killing you slowly and what is building your health. We will also look at thing like toiletries and general cleaning products.

3rd Session: This session is all about exercise and teaching key principles that aren’t taught to us and are ignored by most. We will decide together where this will be. If you already have a personal trainer then this session will be more involved than if you don't.

4th Session: This session is at your home and we will go deeper into foods, We will be looking at cooking options and how to cook and not cook your food. In this meeting I will teaching you key principles about your diet and the how it affects your health.

5th Session: This session is a wellness session. The main point of this session is to teach stress busting techniques as stress is something that effects us all and is a major contributor to poor health. In this session I will teach you the key well being principles you can put into practice to drastically improve your health and wellbeing.  

Between sessions any questions will be answered via email or phone.


  • The fee per individual coaching session is $200. If all 5 sessions are paid for in advance I offer a 20% discount off my entire store for the 5 weeks. If you would like to continue with further coaching after the initial 5 sessions, this will be charged at $150 per session.
  • For those wanting specialist personal fitness training, the fee is $100 for an hour.
  • Fees for the Health and Wellness Coaching are inclusive of spouses and children.
  • Do it with a friend or as many people as you can organize and save.
  • If you would like to do Health and Wellness Coaching with friends the fee is $150 per person.
  • If you would like to do the Personal Fitness Training with friends the fee is $75 per person. 

Half hour to one hour coaching sessions by phone or skype are available.

For bookings call (02) 8021 1750 or fill in your details below.



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