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Super Organic Supplements was founded by Australian Olympic 400m sprinter, Michael Joubert. Michael is a natural health practitioner and an expert in nutrition and detox protocols.


By using Kinesiological testing, Michael found that the vast majority of supplements his clients took were having a negative effect on their bodies and their health. He quickly realized that when recommending people to take certain supplements to improve their health, that they would always end up with an inferior quality product.


Michael started researching as many products from around the world as possible. He started ordering the few he found to actually be what they claimed to be, to ensure that what he was asking his clients to take was of the utmost purity and would benefit and support health naturally.


The fantastic response from his clients about the quality of the supplements he was sourcing and the positive effect on their health was astounding. Soon they began buying for family members and recommending friends from all over the country and even from overseas to give him a call and place orders.

This led him to realize that there are a huge number of people taking products to maintain health and wellbeing that are pouring their money down the drain, not seeing any results and potentially creating long term health issues.


And so Super Organic Supplements was born.