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The Stupidity of Bottled Water.

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Not many people that drink bottled water think about the consequences of doing so.

Half of all bottled water is purified tap water. The other half is purified ground water.

It takes up to seven litres of water and one litre of oil to produce one litre of bottled water. That’s not to mention the energy required for transport, refrigeration, recycling and disposal.

Have you ever thought about the logistics and the absurdity of paying Coke, Pepsi, Nestle or the other big multi-nationals a fortune to take water out of a tap, purify it, bottle it and truck it around the country or the world.

A litre of tap water costs $0.001 compared to $2.50 to $12 for a litre of bottled water. Would you start to ask questions if you were being charged $2.50 for a litre of fuel. Fuel needs to be extracted from the ground as oil, then shipped around the world to refineries, refined into petrol, shipped to the company buying it, put in tankers and trucked to the fuel station to be put in tanks. That’s an lot of labour and transport and it’s still a lot cheaper than a litre of bottled water that probably came from the tap.

The only way you could not see the level of pollution from plastic water bottles is if you actually couldn’t see. It is estimated that 80% off all single use plastic water bottles become litter. Bottles used to package water take over 1000 years to bio-degrade and if incinerated produce incredibly toxic fumes.

Americans use over 50 Billion plastic water bottles a year. So does China and Mexico. Indonesia, Brazil and Thailand each use around 20 to 25 Billion plastic bottles. Italy, German and France each use around 15 Billion plastic water bottles. These figure are out of control and are a real concern for the long term health of the planet. Most of these bottles end up in our oceans destroying sensitive ecosystems.

Bottled water isn’t as healthy as we think. The purified water in the bottle is subjected to chemicals from the cheap plastic leaching into the water when the bottle is exposed to extremes of temperature in transport and storage facilities.

Most of the plastics used for bottled water contain BPA and chemicals that mimic the female hormone Oestrogen. These chemical disruptors are one of the reasons for the massive increase in hard to remove belly fat, man boobs, obesity, diabetes, fertility problems, testicular cancer, breast cancer and many other forms of cancer.

Drinking tap water is not good for you either. It has cancer causing chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride and atrazine to name a few. It is full of toxic heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and trace pharmaceuticals.

So if bottled water is not good for you or the planet and tap water is not good for your health, what do you do. Do what the bottled water companies do and purify your tap water.

Most cheap filters such as Britta only remove some chlorine, dirt and sediment and make the water taste better. Most expensive home filters don’t remove fluoride. The seriously expensive Reverse Osmosis home filters that do remove fluoride can only remove between 85 to 95% of fluoride with many cheaper Chinese models only removing 60%. The downside to reverse Osmosis is that it also removes all the beneficial minerals that are essential in water for optimal health creating acidic water.

The solution. EPIC Water Filters.

Rather than paying money for purified tap water in a plastic bottle, purify the free tap water yourself. In fact purify any tap water anywhere you are in the world anytime of the day. Why buy expensive home filters when you drink most of your water away from home whilst at work, travelling, on holidays, at the gym or exercising.

EPIC Water Filters patented new technology is designed by aerospace engineers to remove up to 99.99% of all tap water contaminants including 90% of fluoride in a unique portable design allowing you to fill up on the go from any tap water source. These intelligent filters distinguish between harmful contaminants and beneficial minerals meaning any tap water is now clean, pure, contaminant free and still contains all the beneficial trace mineral keeping your water at the correct PH nature intended.

They even have filters that can remove up to 99.9999% of all contaminants including Bacteria and Virus’s from water other than tap water. Great for those outdoor enthusiasts or those travelling to places where they don’t have access to tap water.

These filters aren’t just a new standard in water filter technology. They are THE Standard.

They are classy, easy to use, 100% BPA Free, 100% recyclable and each filter eliminates over 500 plastic water bottles from polluting the environment.

It’s not just water. It’s EPIC Water.

EPIC Water Filters