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Detoxing is critical to health in today's polluted world. Each year we are exposed hundreds and thousands of toxic man made chemicals.

It is vital to health and wellbeing that we detox at least once a year. What do you think would happen if you tried to drive your car non-stop for 80 + years without ever changing the oil, the air filters, the spark plugs or even giving it a rest?

A detox is the equivalent of taking your car in for its regular sevice. Without it your engine deteriorates and eventually your car has major problems.

Your body is designed to detoxify itself from natural toxicity, such as the chemicals and hormones our bodies create in order for us to function, as well as natural toxins from real foods and the environment.

Unfortunately our bodies are now overwhelmed by man-made chemicals such as preservatives, food additives, colourings, emulsifiers, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, industrial chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs.

Our obsession with processed, chemical laden, high sugar/sodium/fatty foods has clogged up our natural detox pathways and is the reason that society is plagued with so much sickness and disease.

You just have to look at our overweight, unhealthy society to see that most people have overridden their bodies ability to tell them that something is not as it should be. Through overindulgence, but mainly through a lack of knowlege and understanding about the principles of healthy food choices more people are unhealthily overweight or chronically ill than ever before.

The totally incompetent misinformation about health and wellbeing that spews from the mainstream media along with the inept research that is spouted by so called experts, leaves most people feeling completely confused and bewidered about the subject.

The majority of people's health issues can be addressed by doing a proper detox.

There are many detox programs being advertised in the media, and being touted as detoxes used by the stars. Most of these detox programs can be dangerous and do not actually detox the body. Because of the rapid weight loss achieved by many of these detox fads, they have become very popular with celebrities.

For your body to detoxify effectively you must first do an Intestinal Cleanse.

Your body is made up of pipes and the longest pipe in your body is your intestines. All of your nutrients (vitamins & minerals) are absorbed through the small intestine wall.

Toxic, man-made chemicals that are sprayed on or injected into your food or added to processed foods, as well as those toxins processed through the skin and lungs, but are too big to pass through your urinary system go back through your large intestine wall to be be excreted.

The majority of people have a colon (large & small intestines) that is thick with what is called mucoid plaque. Just as your water pipes, or even your arteries in your heart become coated in plaque, so does your colon. Your colon is the  first port of call for all of the meat fat, the fried fat, the hydrogenated vegetable oils and all of the processed junk we eat. 

So the question is, if your colon if coated in a barrier of thick mucoid plaque, how is it possible for the nutrients to get in and the toxicity to get out.

This is one of the main reasons for obesity. The body is not recieving the nutrients it requires, so it stores the majority of food as fat. Fat deposits are also where your body stores toxicity that it cannot remove via its regular pathways.

Therefore the more toxic you are the more fat stores your body creates to store the toxins away from your major organs.

This mucoid plaque needs to be removed before your body can safely remove the toxicity stored in fat.

Once this is achieved your liver/gallbladder, kidney/bladder, lungs, lymph, blood and skin can all realease stored toxins and you can begin to feel better than you thought was possible, as well as loose that weight that you thought was impossible.

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Yours in Health.....  Michael Joubert