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Do We Really Need Supplements?


What differentiates us from other animals is that we can decide what we do and don’t want to eat. The other major differentiator is that we farm crops and raise other animals for slaughter and consumption. The levels to which mankind has intensively over farmed the land and the overuse and misuse of pesticides, herbicides and other agricultural and industrial chemicals has led to soil which is severely mineral depleted and food that is toxic.

This in turn reduces the amount of nutrients we can get from our fresh whole food. Add to that the toxic overload to our bodies from eating chemically sprayed fruits and vegetables along with the plethora of antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids and other nasties injected and fed to our animal for slaughter. All of this leaves our bodies struggling to obtain the required nutrients for optimal health, whilst we overload ourselves daily with harmful toxins and then wonder why society is getting sicker.


Unlike other animals who have to hunt or search for food, we are able to choose what we want to eat and when. Our complete removal from the food chain process has allowed big companies to profit from our ignorance and supply us with processed food that has as much nutrition as the cardboard box or the packet or tin that it comes in. They even tell us it has added vitamins and minerals to go with the large list of chemicals in the ingredients. 


We are also lied to about which oils are good and which oils are bad, with some doctors and researchers now claiming that the majority of our diseases are caused by the cooking oils that are used in most homes and restaurants and that are being used in all baked goods and processed and packaged foods,.


At Super Organic Supplements, we believe that most supplements fit into the same category as our dead and toxic food, meaning that they don’t aid health and nutrition and can cause toxic build up. If your supplements have been synthesized in a laboratory or created from synthetic ingredients of any form, then your body will find it difficult to recognize the supposed nutritional or health giving properties and you will just be adding more toxic waste to your system.


Nature is abundant with health giving and disease preventing super foods. Many of these super foods have been researched to help neutralize the damage from the toxicity that we accumulate on a daily basis as well as fight free radical damage that cause a wide range of diseases. If these super foods are sourced organically and not heat damaged or manipulated in anyway, they can be of massive benefit to health and disease prevention.


Vitamins and minerals are essential if not enough are being provided by whole foods. Vitamins synthesized in a laboratory are doing more harm than good, whereas vitamins grown from certified organic whole foods and that use techniques to ensure that the essential enzymes and nutrients of the whole food are not damaged or destroyed, are an invaluable addition for anyone looking to maintain optimum levels of health and wellbeing. Here at Super Organic Supplements we only source the best organic whole food supplements available.