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Eden Health Foods, Ultimate Protein, Vanilla, 1kg


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Low heavy metals verified – Mercury 0.025ppm,  Arsenic 0.156ppm, Lead 0.246ppm

The Ultimate Super Healthy Protein for your body no matter what age, no matter who you are! It has a 98.2% assimilation rate which means it is highly absorbable and close to nothing gets wasted. It has a 96% correlation with whey proteins amino acid profile but without the toxic acidic load. Over 5g of L-Glutamine and precursors and over 5g of Branched Chain Amino Acids per serve.

  • Sprouted & Bio-Fermented - means 98.2% assimilation. No other protein powder on the planet can match this sort of bio-availability and digestibility.
  • 80% protein - one of the highest protein percentages of any raw vegan protein powder on the market with a perfectly balanced amino acid profile and over 27g of protien per serve.
  • 100% Raw - means the highly digestible protein content is intact and not denatured or destroyed in any way.
  • Certified Organic - no chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or nasties. No artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and definitely non-GMO.
  • 98% correlation to mothers milk and 96% correlation to whey, without the acidity and potential damage to your kidneys.
  • Gluten free - but jam packed full of a wide variety of easily absorbed vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and trace elements.
  • Allergen free - naturally great tasting silky smooth texture that seems to agree with everyone.
  • Low fat - mixes easily with a full creamy consistency but ultra low in fat.


What’s the difference between Ultimate Protein and other protein powders out there?

There is a lot of hype and miss information about protein. Unfortunately the majority of protein powders offer plenty but deliver very little. Most are really bad for your health. Whey protein is highly acidic. An acidic body is a diseased body. Whey protein tastes absolutely terrible. To make whey protein palatable it is crammed full of artificial sweeteners, flavours, colourants and additives all of which are highly toxic.


 Protein powders shouldn’t be about how much protein is in the powder, but how much of that protein your body can actually absorb. Research shows that as little as 10% of hydrolysed whey protein isolates are absorbed by the body making only 9% of a 90% protein powder absorbable, and that in the heating and processing, more than 50% of the protein is denatured rendering it even less useful to the body.The heating and proccesing also destroys the vital enzymes, vitamins and minerals, which is why commercial whey proteins have so many added synthetic nutrients. These sythetic vitamins and inorganic minerals are not recognised by the body and are toxic.


Look at the massive ingredient list on the back of a tub of commercial whey protein powder. It is all garbage sold to you by greedy companies who all claim their whey protein powder to be fantastic for your health and your body. If you really are concerned about what you put into your body, do yourself a favour and choose a natural product that does what it claims, is raw and organic with minimal ingredients.

Serving Suggestion: Mix 2 heaping tablespoons with water, juice or your favourite drink in a blender or shaker at any time or several times a day. 

Ultimate Protein Chocolate not only uses certified organic brown rice but is the only protein powder on the market today to use certified organic stevia. Non organic stevia uses chemicals in its processing. We also use certified organic cocoa taking no short cuts whatsoever.

Ultimate Protein Vanilla not only uses certified organic brown rice but is the only protein powder on the market today to use certified organic stevia. Non organic stevia uses chemicals in its processing.  We also use the highest quality vanilla out there. Cheaper versions can cause allergic reactions

Nutritional Information

Serving size: 34g (2 tablespoons)  Servings per container: 29
Typically providesPer Serve (34g)Per 100g
Protein 27.2g 80g
Carbohydrates Total 4.08g 12g
   -Sugars <0.34g <1g
Fat Total 0.68g 2g
   – Saturated 0.31g 0.9g
Sodium <1mg <3mg
Alanine 1.33g 3.92g
Arginine 1.86g 5.46g
Aspartic acid 2.48g 7.28g
Cystine 0.65g 1.92g
Glutamic Acid 4.68g 13.77g
Glycine 0.86g 2.52g
Histidine 0.61g 1.79g
Isoleucine^* 1.59g 4.66g
Leucine^* 2.48g 7.28g
Lysine^ 1.39g 4.1g
Methionine^ 0.63g 1.84g
Phenylalanine^ 1.19g 3.5g
Proline 1.66g 4.88g
Serine 1.34g 3.94g
Threonine^ 1.29g 3.8g
Tryptophan^ 0.42g 1.25g
Tyrosine 1.12g 3.28g
Valine^* 1.64g 4.82g
^ = Essential Amino Acids  * = Branched Chain Amino Acids


Natural Flavour - Certified Organic biofermented raw sprouted wholegrain brown rice protein.

Chocolate Flavour - Certified Organic biofermented raw sprouted wholegrain brown rice protein, Certified Organic Cocoa, Apple Pectin, Certified Organic Stevia

Vanilla Flavour - Certified Organic biofermented raw sprouted wholegrain brown rice protein, Natural Vanilla, Apple Pectin, Certified Organic Stevia


There are 2 review(s) for Eden Health Foods, Ultimate Protein, Vanilla, 1kg


    by Unknown – 12th Mar 2014

    This is such a high quality protein shake. Easy to use, tastes good but most importantly has helped me achieve the weight loss I was striving for. I went from never having breakfast (didn't have time - or energy to get up early to make breakfast) to now having a quick shake I can mix and take with me. Big metabolic changes after a couple of months of this. Really happy with the 3 flavours.
    Great shake recipes available at Peertrainer. Com or metabolicdiet.com

  • Switched

    by Unknown – 20th Jan 2014

    Once upon a time I used and really enjoyed whey. One day I read about sprouted brown rice protein but it all seemed to be imported from America. Then I found Eden's Ultimate Protein AND it's an Australian product. It took a little while to get used to the taste but now i've switched because whey just tastes bland and boring. Try this recipe:
    1 scoop Ultimate Protein
    1 tsp organic carob powder
    Add a bit of cold water and mix to a thick paste (after standing for a minute it mixes easily)
    Add about 1/2 cup Kefir
    Stir and enjoy - yum