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Exercise is a vital part of life.

We weren't given two legs to dangle off our bum whilst it sits on a chair or a couch. As technology evolves, humuns have become lazier. This has correlated with the increase in obesity and most diseases.

Our children are more overweight than ever before, with many children under 12 considered obese.

Children, just like young animals are meant to run and play and interact with the ouside world.

The vast majority of overweight adults can recall a time when they were fit and athletic, when they had a decent body and had loads of energy.

The only reason that we reminisce about a time when we looked and felt better is because as we took on responsibility and worked for a living, exercise became something for young people or gym junkies.

The truth is that, just like the quality of the food you put in your mouth, exercise is just as important when you age as when you where a young pup.

Most people that exercise feel that more is better or longer is key. Hence the obsession with fun runs and marathons.

Have you noticed how young children and young animals go about things. Flat out for short bursts and then rest. And they do it over and over again ( if allowed too). This is an innate thing and helps the body to produce Human Growth Hormone. This helps the animal or child to develop and grow, become stronger, more co-ordinated and flexible. 

HGH ( Human Growth Hormone) is the most sort after drug by athletes that cheat. WHY? Because it makes them stronger, recover faster and keeps them young and supple.

This drug, that drug cheats pay thousands of dollars for per injection is produced naturally by the body. It helps us maintain body strength and tone. It makes us sleep better. It keeps us looking younger and halts the steady decline of age.

If we do not exercise as we age, or exercise correctly, HGH levels decline sharply.

Have you noticed that Olympic Sprinters have fantastic bodies and look really youthful and vibrant. Compare that to the emaciated marathon runners that look old before their time.

People that run long distances or marathons for fun look haggard and old. People that do short sharp interval and weight bearing training look fit and vibrant.

The reason for this is that by exercising in short sharp bursts you can increase your growth hormone levels dramatically at any age in life, and get the benifits of this wonderful hormone without finding some doggy supplier on the black market.

Yours in Health.... Michael Joubert




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