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Let us look at the difference between drugs and supplements and the factors contributing to their use.


Pharmaceutical drugs work by effecting change to the symptoms that the body is showing. They do not work to change the cause. Another way of looking at this is that medicines mask or cover up the problem. This is the reason why people with disease need to be on their medication for life as the medication does not fix the disease. If it did why would you need to be on them for life and why would you need to increase the medication or be on a multitude of different ones.


People expect medicines to take away their symptoms and to do it very quickly. This is what the pharmaceutical companies set out to achieve as no drug will sell if it does not have immediate results. As long as it helps with the problem it has done it’s job. But is it really working if it needs to be taken continually for your issue not to be a problem?


The pharmaceutical industry realizes that  people are not educated about what causes sickness and disease and that they don’t realize, that what goes into their bodies is the number one cause of their problems. This is why people are happy to take drugs that cause long term toxicity, that can create serious health problems and also do not actually fix the real cause of the problem that they are taking them for.


Real supplements made from organic whole foods, organic super foods, organic herbs and roots and from natures intelligence (not those that are created in a laboratory) work by addressing the underlying nutritional deficiencies as well as the toxicity.

Because this does not fit into medicine’s and the publics "fix me this instant" attitude, most of the amazing supplements that work to promote health rather than sickness are scoffed at by doctors and the general public.


The major factors for how people look and feel and the cause of the multitude of illnesses and diseases afflicting humanity can be directly linked to society’s lack of understanding and knowledge about the food they consume, the water they drink, the air they breath, their lack of exercise and the toxic chemicals they use on their bodies, and in their homes and workplaces.


Here at Super Organic Supplements we realize that supplements can not fix these issues either but they can work with your body in a natural way to help repair the damage done once we take steps to implement the changes needed in our diet and lifestyle.

Yours in Health.... Michael Joubert




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