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Juicing for optimal health with a living  juicer is a fantastic way to detox.

A living juicer is one that has a rotating auger that SLOWLY and very gently crushes, rather than pulverizing at high speeds as conventional juicers do.

This not only extracts up 60% more juice than regular juicers but does not destroy the vital living nutrients and enzymes that make fresh fruit and vegetables so important to overall health and wellbeing.


As the nutrients and living enzymes have been separated from the starch and fibre of the fruit and vegetables, this then puts less strain on the digestive system, which in turn allows the body to process and detox.

The massive amounts of enzymes that are in fresh raw fruits and especially vegetables, are now able to be used by the body for more important things than simply digesting.

The nutrients available are now absorbed much easier as they are in liquid form and don’t have to be broken down by the stomach.


Each fruit and vegetable plays a highly specific and important role in maintaining overall health and in fighting disease. Most people don’t eat enough fruit and they cook their vegetables.

When we cook our vegetables we destroy the vital enzymes, vitamins and minerals along with other co-factors that make them so important to optimal health.


Fruits and vegetables, besides having a high nutrient and enzyme content, have natural anti-oxidants and chemicals that assist detoxification as well as fighting certain diseases.

Cooking and processing destroy these vital molecules.

A living juicer allows us to receive all of these natural health affirming benefits whilst putting less strain on our digestive systems and naturally supporting our detoxification systems.

Eating and digesting food is a very difficult thing for you body to process.

If you are sick, have a disease, are extremely overweight, toxic or just want to regain energy and vitality, it makes perfect sense to begin a juicing regime.

By juicing fresh organic produce you are receiving all of the nutrients you require without any stress on your digestive system.

More importantly, you are getting massive amounts of living enzymes and disease fighting anti-oxidants and co-factors that are helping your body to correct the imbalances to your health that are caused by the slow to digest, toxic and nutrient deficient foods that we have been consuming for most of our lives.

Whether we have gotten ourselves to a state of disease or one of being overweight and feeling rundown, juicing can be a vital component to helping our bodies recover and detoxify.

There are many books written about the benifits of juicing, and many experts are now recommending juicing as a way to overcome many of the illnesses that are effecting humanity.

Yours in health.... Michael Joubert




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