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Most people as they age, develop a bulging stomach. Not only is this a primary indicator for disease, but also for all sorts of pysical issues latter on in life.

As we become more sedentary and do less exercise our core strength weakens. Our core strength comes from the muscles around our spine that you can feel when you bear down or go to the toilet.

When we loose our core strength, we end up with a flabby gut that keeps on getting bigger, but more to the point we set ourselves up for back issues and hernias.

Losing our core strength creates a loss of strength throughout the entire trunk making things that were once simple, now difficult. Walking up stairs, lifting or picking up things becomes more difficult. Even sitting for too long becomes uncomfortable.

Strengthening your core is as simple as interacting with it. When you sit down or stand up from sitting, create a habit of activating the muscles around your lower spine. These are the same muscles that you use to bear down or go to the toilet.

Create a habit, that when you are sitting, whether it be at work or driving in the car to flex those same muscles and hold the flex for as long as you can. Relax and repeat this a number of times.

When you are walking, actively try to pull your belly button towards your spine. As you do this, tilt your pelvis slightly forward and raise your chest and shoulders slightly.

Get in the habit of doing this every day. It doesn't take any effort and only takes a minute or two. After a few months the habit will be set. You will begin to feel the strength in your core and your posture will improve markedly.

Yours in Health.... Michael Joubert




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