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Have you ever asked yourself why is it that in the 21st century, with all our technology and medical science that we are sicker and have more non infectious diseases causing death than at any other time in our history?


Lets use our great grandparents and before that as a marker in time. The reason for most deaths then was from infectious disease such as plagues and diseases that were caused from hygiene and sanitation issues. Wars and accidental death were also the other major causes. 


Today, the biggest cause of deaths are heart disease, cancers, stroke, chronic respiratory disease, dementia and alzheimer’s.


Have you asked yourself why, if when we have more medicines than when your great grandparents were alive (400 000 more) and we have rid the western world of the “external” diseases they died from by improving our sanitation, why are we dying of horrible diseases from “within” that they didn’t have or hardly had at all. 


The answer is simple. What we are putting into our bodies, what we are breathing into our lungs and what we are putting on our bodies are the causes for all of the diseases from within.


Animals in the wild that are left alone by man aren’t effected by the diseases that plague us. Lions only eat meat, elephants and gorillas only eat grass, leaves and roots, blue whales only eat plankton, horses, deer, buffalo and all other grazing animals only eat grass, and none of these animals get the myriad of diseases we get.


Unless that is if they are forced fed by man, things which they were never designed to eat. Our grazing animals are injected with hormones, antibiotics and are force fed grains and meal made from ground up animal parts. Animal species that live in close proximity to man are being wiped out radically by diseases that have never effected them in the planets history. Bees and frog numbers are being decimated around the world.


 Why you ask? TOXICITY.


When your great grandparents ate meat they did not eat it three times a day, every day of the week. It was from organic free roaming cattle, chickens, sheep and pigs that were not injected or fed toxins and were not mistreated. Their fruit and vegetables were the way nature intended, not sprayed with poisonous chemicals and genetically manipulated. They ate much more fruit and vegetable than we eat today. They didn’t consume 90kg per year of sugar per person or 40kg of garbage salt. They didn’t eat food that was created in a laboratory with chemical colourants, additives and preservatives. They didn’t eat toxic oils and fats or consume artificial sweeteners that cause dementia and alzheimer’s.


They most certainly didn’t use soaps, shampoos, conditioners and skin products that contained up to 25 potentially cancer causing chemicals per product. They didn’t use toxic chemicals for cleaning in their homes.


Have you ever asked yourself this question?  Why is it that a cockroach is one of the only living things that would survive a nuclear holocaust but you can spray it with cockroach spray and it will die in a minute. Or that a fly can live in an environment and eat things that would kill us in a matter of days but we spray poisonous chemicals on it in our homes and around our children and it is dead when it hits the ground.


Just like a plant needs air, water, sun and nutrients to survive and grow, we too need these same essentials for life. If we don’t get air for 3 mins we die. If we don’t get water for 3 to 5 days we die. If we don’t get food for 40 to 70 days we will die. If we don’t get any sun exposure we start producing less hormones to keep us happy and we become highly susceptible to disease.


It is therefore obvious that air, water, and food are absolutely essential to our survival. Then why is it not obvious that when these essentials are highly toxic or not being eaten or drunk adequately for most of our life that this is the reason for our internal diseases. 


The majority of people have no idea about the food they choose to eat and how it effects their health and wellbeing. We have been deceived by corporations, scientists, governments and the pharmaceutical industry who all have a huge amounts to gain from a society that is kept in the dark and is sick and in need of their help.


We have even been convinced that the thing that gives life to every living thing on this planet is evil and is killing us - the Sun. Yet most astute researchers are now saying that one of the main causes of diseases such as cancer is vitamin D deficiency. There is also a lot of experts claiming that getting 20 minutes of sun each day (which is free,) can cure a large range of illnesses and diseases. If this is true then we have been lied to by the pharmaceutical companies since the late 1960’s, so that they could sell us toxic sunscreen in our ignorance.


Everybody when they are ill, realizes that their health is the most important thing in the world to them or that of a family member. People in need will always listen to the people that they perceive to have the knowledge and the power to help them - doctors. The pharmaceutical industry understands this. They own or fund the medical colleges that indoctrinate doctors into the ethos that drugs heal, therefore ensuring that the hundreds of billions of dollars they earn each year from our ignorance, keep rolling in.


If drugs cured the diseases afflicting society how could they make money from them. Most of us know of family members that are on not one, not 2 but anywhere from 5 to 10 different drugs for their health issues and are always having to up the dose. Have the drugs cured them?  No. So obviously the drugs are not working.


Drugs are designed to remove our symptoms. This is how they are sold. People will not buy a drug that does not take away their immediate pain. So how does taking a man made chemical that is toxic, cure you from being toxic from the man made chemicals you have been putting into and onto your body.

Why hasn’t your doctor told you this? Most GP's only deal with what they have been taught. And most GP's have been taught to prescribe you drugs. Your GP did no more than 4 hours of basic nutrition in an 8 year medical degree, so they have next to no understanding of nutrition and its role in health. Doctors die of the same diseases that their patients die from further proving that they don’t have all the answers and that drugs they prescribe don’t work.  

Think about your last visit to your GP.  You waited for up to an hour longer than you should’ve to be seen for 10 minutes to get a script for a drug and received no information to educate yourself on how to be healthier. This is not to say that there aren’t doctors who don’t care about their patients or won’t spend some time with them. 

I am not being critical of life saving drugs and specialist drugs that are used for a short period of time generally in hospital or in an emergency. And I'm definitely not being critical of surgeons, specialists and nurses who all do an incredible service to society working tirelessly to help those in need. This is the true essence of medicine.


It is time for people to realize that a lack of exercise, what they eat and drink, what they think, and how much stress and drama they create for themselves is responsible for their health issues and how they feel. Doctors who only give out government sanctioned drugs to make you believe that all the issues that are making you sick and unwell, will somehow just go away because of a drug, are a major contributor to the fact that society will not take responsibility for its own health and wellbeing. Hmmmm.... sounds very similar to illicit drug addicts that we all frown upon as weak and pathetic.


Why is it that we can all see that if illicit drug addicts stopped taking illicit drugs and took drastic measures to improve their health that they will eventually be cured and become healthy. But for some reason we do not see this when our grandmother/father, mother/father, son/daughter, husband/wife’s health starts to radically deteriorate in front of our eyes as the doctors prescribe more and more drugs.

When we see that we have the ability to turn our health around through better, more well informed choices, and that we have the power to do this ourselves, then it becomes obvious that we don’t need to let our selves get to the point of needing to be treated like a number and a statistic and turned into a government sanctioned drug addict who's health continues to spiral out of controll and into decline.


Choosing to question the well entrenched medical and pharmaceutical doctrines and look for options to truly overcome health issues and disease, and to begin to find health and wellness, takes a lot of courage and conviction. It requires a belief and an understanding that healing is a natural process that begins with addressing the fundamental causes of disease, rather than trying to treat the symptoms.


Yours in Health...... Michael Joubert




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