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The Consequences of Bottled Water



We all know that single-use bottles of water aren’t exactly ‘eco-friendly’, but how bad can they really be?

Some sobering facts about bottled water:

    •  Americans use over 50 billion plastic water bottles a YEAR
    •  Less than 25% of that is recycled
    • Plastic bottled water is made from petroleum, many of which 

      contain the chemical BPA (Bisphenol A)

    • BPA is a known hormone disrupter & carcinogen
    • It is recommended that children & pregnant women NOT be exposed to BPA
    • BPA is “Leached” into the water when exposed to UV rays & higher temperatures
    • There is less regulation over bottled water quality than tap water 
    • Bottled water costs more per liter than petrol

Below is the Trailer from the Documentary “Tapped” and it may just get you to think twice next time you’re in the store walking down the bottled water isle.