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  • Eye Protector

The Synergy Company, Eye Protector, 60 Vegie Caps



A Powerful Way to Help Protect, Support & Maintain the Health of Your Eyes

60 Capsules (30 day supply)

Your eyes are your window to the world. Safeguard your most precious sense with Eye Protector, a powerfully comprehensive and far-reaching eye formula unlike any other. Deterioration of vision and a host of other worrisome eye problems are not inevitable.

It took us 3 dedicated years of research and development to ensure the purity, completeness, and effectiveness of our special formula. With its full roster of our rare and exclusive SuperPure™ plant extracts, Eye Protector deeply nourishes and actively defends your eyes from non-stop everyday stresses and the ravages of time.


Because the Health of Your Eyes Depends on It

  • Nourishes and Protects Healthy Vision & Eyes
  • Supports Healthy Aging of Eyes and Retina
  • Supports Healthy Visual Acuity (Focus)
  • Supports Healthy Eye Energy
  • Supports Healthy Night Vision
  • Supports Healthy Eye Pressure & Blood Flow
  • Provides the researched quantities and forms of phytonutrients to support a healthy retina
  • Bonus Protection for Healthy, Radiant Skin

Millions of people are affected by age-related eye problems each year.

Eye Protector genuinely supports our eye health. We depend on our eyes for so much; why wouldn’t we give them everything they could possibly need to be healthy now and into the future. Clinical studies have identified a full spectrum of important phytonutrients that have a positive effect on our vision and eyes. We’ve included them all—SuperPure and SuperPotent!

Our eyes are vulnerable to light, toxins, stress, poor diet, and aging.

Eye Protector contains a wide diversity of some very special natural compounds—carotenoids, flavonoids and enzymes—each specifically protecting against an area of potential assault on the 2 million working parts of our eyes. By approaching eye health from multiple angles, you experience the maximum range of results and benefits possible.

Typical eye formulas are not complete and lack effective nutrient amounts.

Eye Protector is the most comprehensive eye formula you will find. It contains not a modest handful of ingredients, like most products, but 15+ SuperPure, potent extracts and concentrates in clinically relevant amounts that protect you by scavenging harmful free radicals in both the fat and water-soluble compartments of your eye. 

Harsh, toxic solvents are all too common in nearly every other eye product.

With Eye Protector, we stay far, FAR away from any use of toxic solvents. This was no easy task! It took us three years of dedicated research to develop our exclusive SuperPure process. Absolutely no hexane, acetone, methanol, ethyl acetate or other harsh chemicals, which are so common in the industry, have been used at anytime during the extraction process. We are very proud of this achievement that is so much better for you, your eyes, and our environment.


Just like the eyes, our skin has many special needs and is highly sensitive to sunlight, toxins, environmental exposures and other assaults. And just like the eyes, our skin has a ravenous appetite for certain special nutrients. The SuperPure extracts in Eye Protector have the dual capacity to nourish, protect and support clear, glowing skin. 

  • Natural UV Light Protection
  • Antioxidant Support to Battle Free Radical Damage
  • Supports Suppleness and Elasticity
  • Radiant Skin From the Inside Out

With Eye Protector™, we were compelled to create something that truly worked. This meant creating something very special that hadn't ever been done before- something with absolute purity, proven potency, and beneficial plant extracts that would be both deeply nourishing and powerfully protective for our precious eyes. In studying what was currently available in the market, we disappointingly found that none of these formulas hit the mark (by a long shot). They lacked so many of the most important nutrients in pure, solvent-free and clinically relevant forms. When we considered how many people are afflicted with eye conditions, our motivation to create a groundbreaking formula like Eye Protector was stronger than ever. This level of commitment required 3 dedicated years of research and development to ensure the purity, completeness, and effectiveness of our special formula.

Our 15+ exclusive SuperPure™ extracts and concentrates in Eye Protector provide an extraordinary and far-reaching approach never before achieved for helping to keep your eyes sparkling with health and clarity for years to come.


It is paramount to us to avoid the use of any toxic solvents in absolutely every step along the way while creating our unique extracts and concentrates that go into Eye Protector. We use the term SuperPure to describe this extraordinary advancement that's not only better for you and your delicate eyes, but also better for the environment. Our exclusive SuperPure extraction processes were all researched and developed to ensure not only purity, but also potency and bioactivity.

Instead of using cheap and toxic chemical solvents (so common in the industry) to extract a plant's phytonutrients like a dry cleaner would to remove a stain, we use pure compounds that come from nature herself and are actually allowed in certified organic processing. These compounds do not contaminate the herb, the environment, or your loved ones bodies. Sadly, most other brands, even those claiming to be natural or even "solvent-free", use harsh industrial solvents like hexane, acetone, methanol and ethyl acetate. These very same chemicals are actually used to make such products like nail polish remover, paint thinner, varnish, dry cleaning chemicals, stain remover-and they often carry a poison warning!

Since our very beginnings, we have never used any of these industrial solvents. With Eye Protector, we have gone the extra mile to ensure we continue down this healthier path. We are proud of this accomplishment to be one of the only companies to provide you with a formula that bathes your eyes in nature's most pure and powerful protectors.



Free Lutein and Free Zeaxanthin/Mesozeaxanthin: This incredible trio of eye-loving carotenoids is highly concentrated in the macula region of our retinas. A healthy macula dense in these yellowish pigments is what allows us to see details-what is called visual acuity. These pigments are like internal sunglasses, protecting our delicate eye surfaces from the ravages of light. Strong evidence suggests that many of us do not get nearly adequate amounts of zeaxanthin and lutein, both of which are sadly lacking in today's modern diets. A nutritional cousin of lutein and zeaxanthin called meso-zeaxanthin is produced from lutein in the retina itself, a transformation that slows down as we get older, hence the need to supplement these in their pure natural form every day.

Countless studies indicate that these carotenoids are invaluable to eye health at relevant concentrations. Eye Protector contains pure forms of these carotenoids extracted from marigold flowers, nature's richest source, as well as from kale, watercress, Goji berries and sea buckthorn. We use only the "free" forms of these nutrients, which research shows are up to two times or more bioavailable than the cheaper, more commonly used ester form, and are therefore considered the gold standard. Hence, our 10 mg of lutein and 5 mg of zeaxanthin are equivalent to approximately 20 mg of ester lutein and 10 mg of ester zeaxanthin (often labeled as just "lutein" or "zeaxanthin").

Astaxanthin: This unique fat-soluble antioxidant is quickly rising in the ranks of "most beneficial supplements" for its many contributions to our overall health, not just our eyes. In many ways, astaxanthin is a "jack of all trades" when it comes to the eyes. Studies have shown that astaxanthin may positively influence eye fatigue and blurriness, blood vessel health, cataracts, and visual acuity. Our SuperPure astaxanthin is naturally, purely, and safely extracted from Haematococcus, a rare red algae and a potent plant-based source of this unique antioxidant.

Crocins: Saffron, with its unique orange color and savory flavor, is the world's most expensive and revered spice. Gardenia fruit, used for hundreds of years in traditional Oriental medicine, grows on a beautifully scented flowering evergreen shrub.
Two very different plants indeed, but what they both have in common is the presence of a very special and extremely rare class of colorful compounds called Crocins (including Crocetins). Research indicates these rare carotenoids appear to protect against blue light- and white light-induced damage to the retina and its photoreceptors, along with a list of other healthful contributions. Due to their rarity, cost, and difficult extraction process, very few eye formulas ever use the supremely powerful potential of this class of phytonutrients. Eye Protector contains a significant amount of beneficial crocins from organic saffron and wild gardenia fruits, extracted exclusively with our SuperPure processes.

Lycopene: Your eye lenses love lycopene! The crystalline lens is a transparent structure in our eye that helps to refract light to be focused on the retina so we can see. The lens can be susceptible to damage and oxidation just like the rest of our eyes. It is also the site for cataract formation. The research on lycopene and eye health is focused around its positive effect on the health of our lens, a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to keeping our eyes clear and focused. Our lycopene is present in a whole food form of certified organic tomato.


Goji Berry Extract: The Goji berry has quite the illustrious reputation in traditional Oriental medicine for preserving vision well into old age. It has been used for centuries for this very purpose. From recent research we know this is likely due to its high density of essential vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that have the ability to support ocular health. Among these are vitamins A, C and E, the essential mineral zinc, and carotenoids like beta and alpha-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. Our Goji berries are certified organic and concentrated using our exclusive SuperPure processing.

Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract: The bright-orange sea buckthorn berry has generated a burst of enthusiasm in the health community due to its diverse nutritional content. In terms of eye benefits, the natural carotenoids and tocopherols in the oil of these berries may have a positive effect on inflammation and the glands in our eyes that produce natural lubricating oils. Our sea buckthorn extract is certified organic and SuperPure.


Anthocyanins: Darkly pigmented berries have been rightfully praised for their far-reaching health benefits-now we can add eye health to this growing list. A particular class of flavonoids has been identified as the star player: anthocyanins. Various studies and reviews point to anthocyanins' antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as their ability to preserve capillary integrity and improve vision. Along with bilberry, aronia and elderberry, we have included black currant extract, the prized newcomer when it comes to our eyes. The dark purple pigment of this berry reflects one of the highest percentages of anthocyanins in any fruit. We use absolutely zero harsh solvents to capture this potent eye phytonutrient.

Proanthocyanadins: These hard to pronounce (pro-anth-o-cy-an-adins) phytonutrients are quite uncommon, but fortunately are found in abundance in the seeds and skins of grapes and in a special type of wild pine bark. These flavonoid jewels are particularly useful for supporting healthy blood vessel integrity in the retina. Retinopathy is a common condition marked by damage to the tiny capillaries that feed and nourish our retinas. Our SuperPure extracts from organic grape seeds/skins and wild pine bark provide highly valuable levels of these powerful protectors from nature.


Glucosinolates & Myrosinase: It has been well established that the cruciferous family of vegetables, including kale and watercress, contain a very special class of phytonutrients called glucosinolates. Once activated by the elusive myrosinase enzyme also found inside these veggies, these compounds nurture healthy detox and repair processes. They also support the enzymatic production of glutathione, your master antioxidant that is arguably your body's most indispensable compound when it comes to staying healthy. Since our eyes are especially vulnerable to cellular damage, these cruciferous superstars are a powerful (and unique) addition to Eye Protector. Our organic, fresh freeze-dried watercress and kale provide these beneficial glucosinolates and myrosinase compounds plus an assortment of other goodies like quercetin, lutein, vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin E.

Catalase and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD): Free radicals are constant "nags" for our eyes. Luckily we have an elaborate defense system to combat these damaging buggers, including a powerful team of natural enzymes known as superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase-a dynamic duo! These enzymes work at lightning speeds and are very efficient; they are able to convert and neutralize thousands of free radicals at a time. Yes, our bodies make these enzymes, but a stress-prone organ like our eyes can quickly and easily fall out of balance with this defense system, and be sorely lacking in them. This is when supplementation can do wonders! For our SOD, we've created a SuperPure extract without the use of solvents or heat from a special type of melon fruit with extremely high levels of this enzyme. Likewise, our natural catalase enzyme comes from a SuperPure extraction of fermented beans.



As the sayings go, our eyes are our window to the world or even to our soul. Most of us consider sight our most cherished sense. It allows us to interact and engage with the world all around us in a vibrant and animated way. Understandably, more than 80% of people say that vision, of the five senses, would be the one they would most fear losing.


Even with these deep concerns about vision loss and lifelong eye problems, most of us don't think much about what it takes to really feed and nourish our precious and vulnerable eyes. Our eyes take a significant amount of abuse day in and day out without us even realizing it. We are continuously deciphering the world around us through the stimuli coming into our eyes that then gets interpreted via nerve signals to our brains. Our eyes are directly interfacing with the outside environment at all times (except when we rest and sleep). This means that air pollutants, environmental assaults, blue light from computer screens, UV light, smoke, and dust all invade the delicate layers of the eye and cause damage and strain. It's no wonder our eyes get worn out and unhealthy.

Combine these factors with the many others we all face-nutrient deficiencies, the natural aging process, blood sugar issues, medication side effects, stress, genetics-and it's no wonder that so many of us face progressive eye issues as the years tick by. In order to stay healthy, our eyes are constantly fighting these onslaughts and the resultant damage. The plain and simple truth is that without the precise support, our eyes don't always win these battles. They need some very real "reinforcements" if they are going to have a real chance at winning the fight.


On top of the millions of people facing all kinds of general eye health challenges, a recent estimate from the National Eye Institute (NEI) put the number of Americans over the age of 40 suffering blindness or very low vision at 3.3 million, with an expected increase to 5.5 million by 2020. Among the related causes include macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, and retinopathies. The aging process plus various other lifestyle factors such as poor dietary habits, lack of exercise, smoking and sun damage put us all at increased risk for such life-changing eye disorders. When we start to lose our eyesight, our world inevitably changes and things we once loved to do may pose a new and very difficult challenge. It can be tragic and heart breaking.

Along with these more devastating conditions, so many of us are dealing with what might be called "modern eye syndrome." That is, all the time spent in front of computer screens, TVs, and other electronic devices of one sort or another has led to chronic eye fatigue, blurriness, strain, or dryness. Our eyes need a well-deserved break and lots of nutritional support at this rate!


Our eyes are made up of a vast number of intricate and truly miraculous parts all working in healthy unison to help us see. Our retina, the surface at the back of the eye where photons (light particles) are focused, is particularly sensitive and susceptible to damage. It's continuously bombarded by light and oxygen, two of the biggest free radical producers. When what's known as oxidative stress gets out of control, cells start to succumb and blood vessels can become inflamed and leaky. The same kind of imbalances can affect other parts of our eyes as well. This, along with nutrient deficiencies, is what is at the root of most eye problems.


Fortunately our eyes-with their 2 million working parts-have a built-in system for healing and protection. This system bathes our eyes in nutrient-dense fluids via a network of blood vessels carrying good stuff in (and bad stuff out).

But what exactly do our eyes require for this optimum nutrient flow? This is precisely what Synergy spent 3 years researching and developing, identifying and creating all of the special phytonutrients that are indispensable to optimal eye health. All of the many studies point to a genuine and potentially beneficial effect stemming from the right kinds of nutrients in the right amounts. It is a promising field of study and reassuring to know we can have a real impact on something as precious as our sight and eye health through the choices we make.


A unique set of plant-based nutrients hold incredible potential for deeply nurturing and restoring our eyes. Nature has given us some truly powerful eye restorers. Nutrients like carotenoids, polyphenols, anthocyanins, antioxidant enzymes and more. And although some of these can be obtained in our daily diet, many studies show that the more potent and concentrated extracts of these special plants and botanicals in supplement form are where the true promise resides.

By now, we've probably all heard about lutein and maybe bilberry for eye health. As wonderful as these are, what you may not realize is that there are a dozen others that are far less known, but that are equally and, in some cases, even more beneficial. Purple berries, goji berries, sea buckthorn, marigold flower, pine bark, grape seeds, kale, tomato, watercress, melons, saffron, gardenia fruit - each of these, both the common ones and the more obscure, carry within them special gifts for our eyes.


The bottom line is that nutrition plays an absolutely indispensable role in keeping our eyes sparkling with health and clarity. While we can't avoid the ravages of time and our environment, we can do something very real by nourishing our baby blues (or greens or browns!) from the inside out with a comprehensive, high caliber supplement that brings together the best of nature. Dwindling eyesight and chronic eye issues aren't inevitable. Your future can be bright (and so can your eyes!













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