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  • Cell Protector 120 Capsules

The Synergy Company, Pure Synergy, Cell Protector, 120 Veggie Caps


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Your Ultimate Insurance for Healthy Cells

120 Capsules 

Protect the integrity, vitality and health of your DNA and cells, and support your lifelong wellness. Ten years in the making, this unprecedented advancement in cell health provides 20+ bioactive, organic whole food nutrients—all created exclusively by The Synergy Company. Cell Protector is your true insurance policy for healthy aging.

  • Supports and protects healthy DNA
  • Reinforces healthy cellular detoxification
  • Nourishes and protects healthy liver function
  • Contains 20+ powerful cellular superfoods
  • Supports glutathione regeneration – our bodies’ master antioxidant
  • Tested & verified levels of bio-active compounds (Glucosinolates, Myrosinase enzyme, Curcuminoids, Silymarin and many more)
  • More complete, balanced and tested than typical “detox” and antioxidant formulas


As we age, our cellular health is constantly at risk

Cell Protector™ offers cellular protection & lifelong support for healthy aging.

Ongoing and accumulated damage to our cells underlies many of the unwanted symptoms and conditions that plague us as we age, preventing us from feeling well and living healthy, vibrant lives. The good news is that science has identified a variety of distinct 100% natural phytonutrients from highly specific foods and botanicals that can have a positive impact on the “aging” process of our cells and DNA, and on our overall health. The trick for all of us is actually trying to get enough of them! Have you ever tried to eat an entire bunch of fresh watercress, a full cup of raw broccoli sprouts, a large piece of turmeric root, or drink a glassful of bitter artichoke juice, all in one sitting, let alone every day? Herein lies the challenge: most of us cannot (and will not) regularly eat the amount of these special foods and plants that research shows is needed to obtain their well-known health benefits. Cell Protector gives you the full spectrum of these powerful cell protectors in a single, super potent formula—your 24/7 insurance policy for healthy cells and healthy aging.

Our cells are faced with a daily influx of toxins.

Cell Protector™ reinforces your natural & vital process of cellular detoxification.

On any given day, we are exposed to all sorts of nasty chemicals and toxins, an inevitable result of living in our modern world. Even if we lived in a bubble, we’d still face a toxic challenge—one that actually comes from inside our very own bodies where harmful byproducts are produced by the everyday processes of living—like breathing, eating, moving, even sleeping. Most of these unwanted toxins require transformation—or detoxification—in order for our bodies to successfully eliminate them, a process that ultimately protects our cells from being “poisoned” and damaged. Our cells are working very hard around the clock to keep these pathways of detoxification clear. However they often can’t keep up and toxins overflow, leaving you at risk for the consequences. The full spectrum of proven compounds in Cell Protector have the profound ability to support and balance these detoxification enzyme pathways—and help keep those toxins out of your system where they don’t belong.

Antioxidants alone may not offer you full protection.

Cell Protector™ supports natural production of your most powerful antioxidant.

We have all heard of taking vitamins A, C, E, and other antioxidant supplements, but as valuable as they may be, they all pale in comparison to the inborn antioxidants our own bodies manufacture naturally—such as glutathione, our true master antioxidant. Glutathione has countless studies showing it is your body’s foremost guardian against the onslaught of damaging free radicals and toxins. As your ultimate DNA and cellular protector, no other antioxidant comes close to the benefits it can provide. Cell Protector, with its exclusive ingredients and synergistic formula, supports your body’s intrinsic production and recycling of glutathione. The best research shows that it is your body that knows best when it comes to antioxidant production. Support this natural process, and the body will make what it needs, in the right form, when it needs it. Cell Protector does just that, providing the necessary compounds so that your body can be fully supported to replenish its very own master antioxidant, glutathione, 100% naturally.


Medical research advises that we’d all be vitally healthy and live well over 100 years if (and this is a big if!) our DNA and cells were perfectly protected, detoxified daily, and maintained in a complete, health-promoting state. The challenge we face is that our 50 trillion+ cells with their DNA are bombarded every day, year-round by countless chemical, environmental, and biological toxins, all with the potential to do damage and seriously compromise our health over time.

As we age in this increasingly challenging world, it is clear that one of the best ways to protect our foundational state of health is by protecting the integrity of our DNA and cells. With our exclusive ingredients, processes, and years of meticulous research, we’ve created something never before offered to support you in this quest. Cell Protector unites an unrivaled array of the most effective, scientifically backed whole foods and botanicals designed to promote true cellular and whole body wellness. With Cell Protector, you get daily peace of mind that your DNA and cells are being cared for in the very best way possible.


Cell Protector was designed to contain a full range of the highest quality, most powerful cellular superfoods and botanicals on the planet—combined for the first time into a single, easy to take formula. The magnitude of researched ingredients is truly unprecedented. The 20+ unique ingredients in Cell Protector are created exclusively under Synergy‘s control, each grown in their native environment under pristine, organic conditions. Every one of the ingredients has been researched, tested and proven to fully contain the active, cell-protective compounds supported by advanced nutritional science—and are many times more potent than similar sounding ingredients in other products on the market today.

  • Organic Cruciferous Sprout Protectors: Our very own exclusive and proprietary blend of enzymatically active cruciferous sprouts to activate cellular detoxification and promote healthy cell protection. Rich in the highly researched glucosinolates and myrosinase enzyme, these sprouts are full of vitality and of the highest potency and purity.
  • Organic Concentrated Herbal Protectors: Our highly concentrated, verified pure extracts of turmeric, milk thistle, pomegranate, schizandra, and ginger are each full of life force and true powerhouses when it comes to healthy cell, DNA and liver function.
  • Organic Superfood Protectors: The highly researched and renowned cellular superfoods watercress, wasabi, caper berries, cilantro, and sprouted garlic make up this extraordinary blend. Each is uniquely grown and processed to retain unparalleled levels of their protective compounds.
  • Organic Live Juice Protectors: Vital, energized, pure juices from the time-honored herbs artichoke, dandelion and black radish nourish, strengthen, and restore your liver to support your body’s critical detoxification processes.


Your Ultimate Insurance for Healthy Cells

Cell Protector™ was developed over 10+ years to contain a complete range of the highest quality, most powerful cellular protectors and detoxifiers on the planet. The magnitude of research that went into this formula is truly unprecedented. Each of its unique ingredients is created under Synergy's care with our custom designed, cold processing techniques, and is tested and proven to retain all of the cell-protective compounds supported by advanced nutritional science. With its exclusive formula of special freeze-dried sprouts, rare super veggies, living juices, and fully bioactive botanicals, nothing like this has ever before been combined into a single, comprehensive, and easy to take formula--and is unlike anything available today.


Organic, Fresh Freeze-Dried Sprouts of Broccoli, Upland Cress, Daikon,Red Radish, Cauliflower, Cabbage and Arugula

Our Organic Cruciferous Sprout Protectors include the most bioactive, enzymatically-rich sprouts available anywhere. Developed exclusively by The Synergy Company™ and grown right here in the USA, all of our sprouts are certified organic, fresh freeze-dried, and off the charts with glucosinolate and myrosinase activity, the highly coveted DNA-protective compounds that have so many medical researchers talking. Our sprout blend has been tested and verified against many other cruciferous products around the world. These third-party laboratories have consistently found that ours was far more bioactive than all the others and as much as 100x more potent.

For thousands of years, humans have instinctively known that sprouted seeds offer unmatched health benefits and abundant nutritional vitality. With their astonishing array of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrient packed into a tiny emerging life, sprouts offer more concentrated nutrition by weight than their mature counterparts.

Of the many varieties of sprouts available, it has been well established that the cruciferous family of sprouts, like those found in Cell Protector contain a very special class of phytonutrients called glucosinolates known for their profound effects on DNA protection and cellular detoxification. These compounds that have scientists so excited have the exceptional ability to "talk" to your cells and DNA. They nurture healthy antioxidant, detoxification, and repair processes, including the all-important production of glutathione, your master antioxidant that is arguably your body's most indispensible compound when it comes to staying healthy.


Synergized® Extracts of Turmeric Rhizome, Milk Thistle from Organic Seed, Organic Schizandra Berry, Organic Pomegranate Fruit,and Organic Ginger Rhizome

The sad irony of formulas claiming to assist with detoxification is that the vast majority of them actually contain herbal extracts made with toxic solvents and chemicals such as acetone and hexane-adding more toxic fuel to the fire rather than helping to put it out! Not so with our exclusive, chemical-free herbal extracts. We spent years searching for and creating our pure and potent compounds.

Synergized® Turmeric Rhizome Extract (95% Curcuminoids)
With its rich yellow color that you'll literally see speckled throughout a capsule of Cell Protector, our bioavailable and standardized turmeric rhizome extract is grown in the remote and hidden valleys of the Himalayan Mountains. Tested to contain a full spectrum of 95% curcuminoids (including the very rare and all-important essential oils), you can be sure you are getting an ample daily supply of curcumin, the compound that holds so much promise and already has hundreds of studies backing its potential. Curcumin can perform many functions in your body: it modulates inflammation-the root of much chronic disease; it boosts your glutathione antioxidant activity which helps to put out those nasty free radical fires; and most importantly, it has the ability to support the genes that control healthy cell growth, keeping unwanted cell replication in check.

Synergized® Milk Thistle Extract from Organic Seed(70% Silymarin)
Milk thistle has a strong tradition as a liver herb and tonic. Your liver is one of your hardest working organs, playing a key role in filtering your entire blood supply, and detoxifying compounds that could cause harm to your cells and your health. Milk thistle's most biologically active compound has been identified as a unique flavonoid silymarin; our extract is made exclusively by the leading European researchers of silymarin and is verified to contain a full 70% of this powerful liver protector and regenerator. What's more, it is made to European Organic Standards to ensure that it's produced without the use of any harsh and dangerous solvents like acetone and hexane, two toxic solvents so commonly used in ordinary milk thistle extracts. Milk thistle is your classic liver herb-and we deliver it in a form you can completely trust.

Synergized® Organic Schizandra Berry Extract(2% Schisandrins)
Our certified organic, concentrated schizandra extract comes from the vibrant red berries of this beautiful plant, one with a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its ability to balance your body. The lignin phytonutrients in schizandra berries are fierce protectors of your liver cells, keeping them in vital working order. What's more, schizandra has been shown to induce the enzymes in your liver that are part of your two-phase detoxification process, thereby assisting in getting rid of the toxic soup we are all exposed to every day.

Synergized® Organic Pomegranate Fruit Extract(15% Punicalagins)
The far-reaching benefits of pomegranate fruit juices and extracts have been well documented. No wonder we find all sorts of pomegranate juices lining the grocery store shelves these days! But don't be deceived by pretty bottles and exaggerated claims-not all pomegranate is created equal. To ensure this powerful fruit's potential, we've selected a very special old world variety grown only in Spain and used exclusively by The Synergy Company. Then we've gone even further to concentrate the fruit and verify a high level of punicalagins content, one of the unique polyphenols in pomegranate shown to have formidable cell and DNA protective properties.

Synergized® Organic Ginger Rhizome Extract(3.5% Gingerols & Shogaols)
Everyone is familiar with ginger with its pungent aroma and flavor. Not only does it add flavor to your favorite dishes, it has been used as a powerful medicine for hundreds of years. Our fresh ginger root is grown organically, and specially processed for Synergy in the French countryside where it is transformed into a potent standardized extract with verified bioactivity of two classes of its most impressive compounds-gingerols and shogoals. Although ginger is best known for its effects on inflammation and digestion, it also acts on the enzyme that helps you produce and recycle your master antioxidant, glutathione, your body's most indispensable weapon against the onslaught of toxic, free radical cellular damage.


Organic Fresh Freeze-Dried Watercress Leaf, Cold Water-Grown Wasabi Rhizome, Organic Fresh Freeze-Dried Cilantro Leaf, Organic Whole Caper Berries, Cold Water-Grown Sprouted Garlic (containing selenium as SeMC)

These five superfoods work together synergistically to offer healthy DNA protection, promote glutathione restoration, and support healthy liver function and cellular detoxification. Each a veritable superstar on its own, when combined the effects are off the charts. These special gems of the plant kingdom have truly exceptional properties. Their real and enduring benefit to your overall health and wellness comes from consuming them every day, not just occasionally when you are lucky enough to find them super fresh at the produce market.

We go to great lengths to source these fresh, organic ingredients just for you from remote locations around the world to ensure their purity, potency and effectiveness-so you can benefit from them every single day!

Organic, Fresh Freeze-Dried Watercress Leaf
No longer just a decoration for your plate, this spicy veggie from the notable cruciferous family is experiencing a resurgence after several recent studies have uncovered its highly promising health benefits, especially when it comes to keeping your DNA and cells healthy. After searching all over the world for the very best watercress, we discovered that current suppliers in the market are not doing what it takes to preserve the very delicate glucosinolate and myrosinase phytonutrients that make this vibrant green leafy so special. So we decided to do the research and to be directly involved with making it ourselves! We established an exclusive relationship with an organic farm that has been operating in pristine aquifer-fed springs for over 100 years to produce the most consistently high glucosinolate content watercress of any farm in the world-one that has been the focal point of very positive clinical research. And we spent 5+ years developing the tests and highly sensitive fresh freeze-drying methods needed to keep the vital bioactives alive. The result is our exclusive, organic watercress, overflowing with a full spectrum of glucosoinolate and myrosinase compounds plus an assortment of other goodies like quercetin, lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, iron, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, calcium, and vitamin E.

Cold Water-Grown Wasabi Rhizome 
You may only know of wasabi for its fiery zing as a popular Japanese condiment. But genuine wasabi is actually a wondrous health-promoting vegetable that has been studied by Japanese herbalists since the 10th century and now in modern times by prominent scientists. Like our watercress and cruciferous sprouts, it is loaded with glucosinolates, precursors for the toxin-busting, DNA-protecting compounds known as isothiocyanates. Genuine wasabi is indigenous to cool mountain streams of the remote northern islands of Japan. It takes 18 months for our sustainably harvested wasabi to mature. After harvest, the plants are freeze-dried and tested to ensure they retain the highest concentrations of their active detoxifying compounds.

Organic, Fresh Freeze-Dried Cilantro Leaf
With its distinctive flavor, cilantro leaf, also known as fresh coriander, can enliven many varieties of cuisine. But in order to reap its full rewards, plentiful daily consumption of this herb is a must-something most of us just aren't able to accomplish. Cilantro has a long traditional history of use for cleansing our bodies and livers, and supporting removal of unwanted toxins, specifically heavy metals. Once again, The Synergy Company has refused to settle for anything but the best, creating an exclusive source of organic, fresh freeze-dried cilantro just for you. With Cell Protector, you can rest assured that you are supported by this healthful superfood every day!

Organic, Whole Caper Berries
Many times more bitter than the smaller, more well-known "capers" from which they form, caper berries-which resemble a large olive-are rarely eaten due to their overpowering flavor. But their nutritional profile is astounding and definitely deserves our attention. Caper berries contain impressive levels of the flavonoids rutin and quercetin, and are rich in a pungent compound called methyl isothiocyanate, which studies show may help prevent the formation of compounds that could damage our DNA. We have developed the only source of raw, dried organic caper berries in the world, hand-picked from the wild deserts of Morocco. So no need to pucker up while you're eating caper berries-our formula contains all of their power in an easy to take capsule form.

Water-Grown, Sprouted Garlic (Containing Selenium as SeMC)
As an essential cofactor for glutathione (our bodies' master antioxidant), having both the right amount and the most effective form of bio-organic selenium is essential. The latest research shows that a unique type of selenium found in plants like garlic and onion in the allium family is one of the most potent forms known. Known as Se-Methylselenocysteine-or SeMC-this compound is an organic complex of selenium with very promising results when it comes to chemoprevention and healthy cell replication. We went to great lengths to thoroughly research and develop the process of water-sprouting garlic to obtain this very special, non-irradiated, pure, bio-organic selenium, the only one like it in the world.


Organic Juice Powders of Artichoke, Dandelion and Black Radish

Rounding out our formula are three classic liver herbs that have a strong history of traditional use for supporting healthy liver function. Our artichoke, dandelion and black radish are all grown organically on small farms in France and Germany that are 100% dedicated to each of these crops. These farms grow only heirloom varieties that have been used for many years in European naturopathic healing clinics. At harvest, each plant is juiced fresh and specially dried to make highly bioactive, potent and pure powders. Your liver will smile!


Organic Artichoke Juice
What we most commonly call "artichokes" are actually the strangely shaped flowering buds of this tall, thistle-like plant, which as a whole has some remarkable health benefits. Used since the 4th century BC as a digestive aid, modern science and clinical studies now back up many of these strong herbal traditions. Artichoke has been verified as a liver bile stimulator or "cholagogue." Since many toxins are fat-soluble and require the emulsifying effects of bile for their elimination from our bodies, this stimulatory action of artichoke is a much-needed help for your liver as it works tirelessly to keep us in the clear. And like another of its thistle cousins, milk thistle, artichoke has documented effects on helping to regenerate damaged liver cells.


Organic Dandelion Juice 
Although most people think of dandelion as a pesky, invasive weed, it is actually a powerful, well-respected herb, widely used all over the world and in traditional cultures for its innumerable benefits, including its positive effects on our liver and gallbladder health. Like artichoke, one of its most prominent actions, especially linked to the root of the plant, is to stimulate the flow of bile from your liver, thereby supporting a healthy, balanced flow of toxins out of our systems.


Organic Black Radish Juice
Black radish, a variety of the common garden radish, is both delicious on salads and a medicinal powerhouse. And you can add it to Cell Protector's already impressive list of glucosinolate-rich cruciferous veggies. Black radish is actually highly concentrated in a unique compound from this family called glucoraphasatin, which may just be the star player when it comes to DNA protection and stimulating our detoxification enzymes. A radish a day keeps the doctor away!



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