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Are the vitamins you use sold in supermarkets and pharmacies? Do they use movie stars and sports stars to be the faces of their advertising campaigns? Do they sponsor professional sports teams? Do they advertise incessantly on TV, radio, magazines, billboards and the sides of buses? 


If so, they probably spend a million times more money on marketing spin and advertising to convince you into believing that their products must be great, than they do on research. 

They are also backed by some serious heavy hitters and are listed on the stock exchange. This means that making a massive profit is their only concern, definitely not your health and wellbeing.


A synthesized vitamin or mineral is just that - a synthesized vitamin and mineral made in a laboratory, nothing more, nothing less. How then is one pharmaceutically made vitamin product any different from the other? It isn’t. The only difference is how much money they have to pay marketing companies, movie and sports stars to tell you how good theirs is. Sure they add a bunch of so called natural stuff in amounts totally ineffective, and then let the marketing geniuses go to work to make us believe its a miracle in a bottle.


But what they don’t tell you is that they are lying to you so they can make hundreds of millions of dollars in profit every year. They don’t tell you that your body is created to get it’s vitamins and minerals, its essential nutrients, it’s antioxidants, every single thing it needs - from food.


Plants make the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, nutrients and antioxidants that our bodies need to survive, not a guy in a lab in white coat. Just because science can synthesize a nutrient, doesn’t mean our bodies can utilize it.


But because they can use people that we trust to tell us how good their products are we simply go along with their lies.


Healthy people don’t take pharmaceutical drugs drugs to be healthy. Sick people take pharmaceutical drugs right? And many people are starting to realize that sick people take pharmaceutical drugs for life, and they never really do get healthy, and end up aging terribly and dying from a nasty internal disease. This is from drug toxicity.


If you are trying to be healthy and doing the best by your body, why would you take a pharmaceutically made vitamin supplement everyday? A toxic pharmaceutical drug that you take for life? A drug that your body does not recognize as nutrition and that your body does not know what to do with. A drug that is making you toxic, not healthy!


Synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements are cheap and easy to produce. They are made for next to nothing, the profits are massive, the integrity is zero.


If your long term health and wellbeing are important to you, do yourself a favour and get as much of your nutrition as you can from fresh organic whole foods. If you feel you need to supplement with extra nutrition, make sure you source your supplements from ethical companies who make their products from organic whole food sources and are committed to your health rather than their pockets. These companies are few and far between, but they do exist.