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We Are All Drug Addicts.



Most of us have some opinion about addicts. We see addicts as weak and having lack of control over their lives.


The reality is we are all drug addicts! The real problem is none of us will admit it. We are all addicted to chemicals and how they affect our mood and our body. It is easy to say that someone who has a chemical addiction to alcohol or drugs is weak, but when we can’t stop eating pastries, chocolates, fast food, chips etc etc we are blind to the fact that we are in the same boat.


As a society we are addicted to sugar, salt, grains, caffeine, alcohol, soft drinks, dairy, meat, fried and processed foods and the list goes on and on. Over 1 billion people on the planet are addicted to nicotine.


Have you ever tried to stop eating something that you love? Pretty difficult right? Why? Because we have a chemical addiction to how it makes us feel.


What is the cost to society of half the population being obese, 1 in 2 people getting cancer, the massive amount of heart disease, diabetes and the long list of diseases that are all a direct result of what people put in their mouths.


The irony of this is that addicts generally get help and turn their lives around. People who don’t see that they are addicted to the foods they eat and don’t see this as the reason that they are overweight, sick, stressed and diseased are the ones who really have a problem and cost society a fortune.


If we look at how we function, we are turned on by chemical rushes just as a drug addict is. This is why people are attracted to and love different things. Sports, music, concerts, parties, extreme activities, movies, relationships, idolizing stars, exercise, being in nature, arguments, fighting, in fact just about everything we do creates a chemical reaction within our bodies that we crave.


The biggest drug on the planet is sold in every super market in the world - sugar. 


According to Scripps Research Institute, the brain responds to junk food the same way it does to heroin. It’s no wonder that government agencies estimate that Australians consume over 30 kg of fat and oil and over 45 kg of refined sugar yearly. 


A heroin addict doesn’t break the cycle of use by using heroin in moderation. Neither can a food addict.


An illicit drug is a chemical. Whether it comes from nature or is made in a drug lab, it creates a chemical response in your body to make you feel good and want more. The chemicals in processed food, junk food, alcohol, caffeine and sugar creates the same chemical response making you feel good and wanting more, as does every other substance we are addicted to but won’t admit it.


This is why the biggest money making corporations on the planet are chemical corporations and pharmaceutical companies. 99.99% of people are absolutely  clueless to the complete manipulation of society through chemicals.


From farming to our food manufacturing and processing, to our drinking water, the air we breath as well as our beauty products, we are being exposed to hundreds and thousands of manmade chemicals that are all patented and owned by a few corporations. 


Most of what we eat cannot be considered food. Yet we are told by multi-million dollar marketing campaigns that it is. Because it is advertised and sold in  supermarkets we simply believe that it must be food and good for our health.

Unfortunately the last 60 years has been nothing more than an experiment on humanity by the food industry and the chemical corporations. 


There is no denying that modern society is plagued with diseases caused from within and that what we eat and are exposed to are a major cause. But the doctors, scientists and industries involved in making a fortune from us being sick will all tell you that this is hogwash....whilst they die from cancer and heart disease like the everybody else.


The government and media likes to portray addicts of all kinds as a cost and a menace to society. Generally the common thread amongst addicts is that once they damage themselves, or destroy their relationships and careers through their addiction, they usually admit they have a problem and then look for help to overcome their issues. 


For the rest of us supposedly ‘normal folk’ we just continue on ingesting drugs on a daily basis from our food and water, lathering drugs on our bodies and buying them from pharmacies. 

Obviously if drugs are made in a lab by guys in white coats and sold to you by doctors and supermarkets, then that’s ok right? Drugs made in labs by guys wearing flannelette shirts sold to you by....... well those drugs must be bad because of..... the flannelette shirts... right?


We are made up of 2000 of our own DNA strands and about 300 trillion bacteria, all with their own DNA. So we are not actually really us. It is not really about what we eat, but who we feed. When we eat toxic junk all the time, it is not just us that become addicted. It is the bad bacteria in our bodies that feed on the sugar, grains, dairy, alcohol, processed foods and chemicals that allow them to multiply and become the dominant species of the bacterial population in our system.


This is why the number one issue that people seek help for, is gut and bowel issues.

The stomach is known as the second brain. When your gut and bowel health are out of whack and are over run by bad bacteria then all manner of issues arise. Food addictions along with all types of chemical addictions are the common theme. 


Weight gain, lethargy, irritability, anxiety, depression, skin issues and digestive issues are all an indication of bad bacteria being the dominant species, fed by the very foods they are triggering you to crave.


The simple question is, are you willing to be controlled and have your life and health dictated to you by the bad bacteria in your body?  And are you strong enough to be able to make the correct food and lifestyle choices for yourself, or be manipulated by corporations that treat you as an addict?


The only ways to overcome the foods that have a negative effect on your health and that continue to feed bad bacteria is to...                                  images-3.jpeg


There is no way of getting around the fact that lifestyle changes are needed and a rather large dose of determination and responsibility is required. 

If that is too difficult to do, then when you start aging before your time and disease comes knocking, then you can blame the system that supplied you with all the toxic addictive junk. 

Or maybe you can blame yourself for consuming it and not having the willpower to make the right decisions for yourself when your body was telling you so.