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The best supplements to take for optimum health are those that.....


Come from Nature


Are Organic 


Are as Close to their Natural State as Possible


Most supplements are synthesized in a laboratory. This essentially makes them pharmaceutical drugs. 


Take vitamins and minerals for example. 

Your body recognizes and assimilates vitamins that are directly from whole foods. These foods have used the elements of sunlight, oxygen and water as well as the elements and nutrients in the soil, which only a plant can use, to create ionic vitamins and minerals that our bodies then use to maintain health and proper function.

These nutrients in fruits and vegetables are what we call synergistic. This means that all the vitamins, minerals, different co-factors and enzymes which are together in the same whole food only work in unison and have much greater effect than one vitamin or mineral on it’s own.

This seems simple and very obvious, but try telling that to the pharmaceutical based vitamin companies that isolate each separate chemical of each vitamin, recreate it from man made chemicals and then amplify it to create an individual ingredient devoid of all the other components that nature created to make it work.

Science hasn’t yet figured out how to do this for “minerals” effectively so they just dig up some dirt, remove the metals and put that into your mineral tablets. For calcium they crush up oyster shells. Haven’t heard of anyone telling us to eat our oyster shells for our health? 

Our bodies are unable to understand and utilize these manmade vitamins and we are not a plant that has the ability to break down inorganic metals into ionic minerals.

Most of the “cutting edge” supplements that are making their way onto the market are isolated chemicals made in a lab that then have a pathetic amount of natural ingredients added to make them look natural. Then we are bamboozled by deceitful copy writers, fancy websites, and research done on mice into thinking it is the magic cure for all of our problems.

Choosing 100% certified organic supplements is essential for a number of reasons. 

Most of us choose to take supplements to aid health. So why then would we ingest something that has been sprayed or made with toxic disease causing chemicals. Our soils are depleted of nutrients, through our standard farming practices, so choosing certified organic ensures that you will be getting the most nutrients, not to mention the removal of genetic modification and supporting farming practices that regenerate the earth rather than do more damage.

Choosing supplements that are as close to their natural state as possible means that there has been no heating of the ingredients, no chemical additives and minimal processing. Heating of any natural raw ingredient damages the beneficial enzymes, vitamins and minerals as well as the antioxidant capacity and any other purported health giving benefit.

A supplement might have a health affirming super food or herbs as it’s major ingredient, but if it is full of colorings, chemical additives, sugars, garbage oils and is completely processed, it is not benefiting your health and is wasting your money. 

So ideally your supplements should be made from organic whole foods with as much of the living enzymes and nutrients still in tact. Organic super foods that ancient cultures have been using for centuries should not be processed and should be raw and not heat treated. 

Super Organic Supplements range of whole food organic supplements are all certified organic and do not have any chemicals of any kind, and have minimal processing at very low temperatures.

Finally, don’t believe the hype. There is no magic cure or pill. Creating good eating habits, breathing clean air and drinking purified water, getting the right amount of sunshine, daily exercise and incorporating organic vitamins and super foods and a once, preferably twice a year detox regime are what are needed for prevention, rather than cure.

With an all round balanced lifestyle, the health giving benefits of natures fantastic super foods, vitamins, minerals and oils will be the icing on the cake to complete health and wellbeing.


Yours in Health..... Michael Joubert.






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