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I have a question. Do you know anyone who is on a number a pharmaceutical drugs that is healthy?


We have more pharmaceutical drugs today than in mankind’s history and yet everyday there are more and more saturating the market. Yet why is it that society today is besieged by more and more diseases. If drugs are supposed to work, yet there are more children, adults and the elderly on a plethora of pharmaceutical drugs than ever before, why are more people sicker than ever before?


If you were to go up to a really fit, healthy, glowing person and ask them what drugs they were taking to be so healthy, they would be slightly confused or just laugh in your face. They might then tell you that they took vitamins and or a super food, ate good oils, avoided bad oils, avoided sugar, ate lots of fruit and vegetables and exercised.


Usually, stress, anxiety, depression, being overweight and generally feeling run down or having the flu are the reasons people take them selves to the doctor. None of these symptoms require pharmaceutical drugs. All of these symptoms and the majority of issues people take themselves to the doctor for are a result of an overworked immune system.


These things can be taken care of by addressing a few key areas. Reducing stress. Speaking to someone about your depression or anxiety who can guide you in the right direction. Do a Detox!! Eating less of the things that are having a negative effect on your immune system, your overall health and your weight and eating more of what will have a positive effect on getting your health back to where it should be. 


Recharging your immune system with the right natural supplements to help your system cope naturally with the stress of modern day life and properly hydrating yourself, incorporating exercise into your lifestyle along with learning positive eating habits are essential to maintaining good health.


Yours in health... Michael Joubert




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